WKNTC Logo canoes onlyThe WKXNTC Logo was designed in 2000 by Nuxalk artist, Barry Mack. The three canoes symbolize the distinct culture and political existence of the three member Nations — separate yet navigating together, by choice.

Each canoe bears important symbols of one of the three member Nations:

  • The canoe furthest to the left is for the Kitasoo/Xai’xais and is marked with the totem animals of all four of the Nation’s clans: eagle, wolf, killer whale and raven.
  • The canoe in the middle represents the Wuikinuxv Nation whose crest has both the heads of the eagle and the “crooked beak of heaven”. The latter forms the stern of the Wuikinuxv canoe.
  • And on the right, the canoe for the Nuxalk Nation with masthead an eagle and the sun (snx), symbol of the Creator on its side.