Comprising two distinct cultural-linguistic groups, the Tsimshian-related Kitasoo & the Xai’Xais whose language is Northern Wakashan, the Nation’s main village today is at Klemtu on Swindle Island.

In the 1860s, our two distinct nations came together in Klemtu: the Kitasoo Nation of the islands and the Xai’xais Nation of the mainland. In addition to coming from different geographies, the Kitasoo and the Xai’xais didn’t speak the same language prior to the introduction of English. The Kitasoo speak Sgüüxs (a southern dialect). The Xai’xais are part of the Wakashan language family & speak Xai’xais.

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Kitasoo Band Office
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Klemtu, V0T 1L0
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